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Why you must invest in Kingsville Estates

Real estate always grows in value, especially in developing regions like Africa where the property market is not as matured like in North America or Europe. Lagos, Nairobi and Luanda are some of the African cities that are currently rated as hot property markets.

Due to the huge demand for shelter in many African cities, the returns on real estate investment are one of the highest in the world.

Although buying and selling of Real estate should not be your main investment goal, it is your insurance that should you need to sell your property sometime in the future for whatever reason, you will make a handsome return.

You can earn rent income for many years or you could sell the property. Either way, you make money and earn a profit on your real estate investment.





Kingsville Estate, Moniya, Tose, Ibadan


Kingsville Estate, Ajibode, Lanniba, Ibadan


Agricultural Farm Land, Iseyin, Ibadan

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